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CelebJihad: Exciting Celebrity Humor and Gossip

Currently, there are a lot of websites out there featuring photos of nude celebrities.  Most of these sites tend to resemble each other. Celeb Jihad is one of these sites but it is unique compared to other similar sites in many ways. 

This site features a mixture of nude photos and raunchy articles as well as showing you how some of these celebrities get dirty and naked in front of the camera. CelebJihad is packed with a huge collection of nude celebrity content.

So, if you love seeing some of your favorite celebrities in the most compromising situations, this might just be the site you have been looking for. 


What is CelebJihad All About?

This site advertises itself as a satire website. CelebJihad’s authors claim that despite all the nudity on the site, they do not regard it as a porn site. The site describes itself as not being an official porn site.

It goes on to stress that users should expect to encounter a lot of adult content such as videos, sounds, text, as well as images and that these are intended for mature audiences only. 

However, if you take a look at the site’s homepage, you will notice that it resembles a porn site with a lot of nude celebrity images scattered all over the site. It is also important to note that this site is dedicated to providing a unique form of humor to adult entertainment. 

Some of the content shared on the site may seem offensive to some users. However, if this sounds like fun to you, then keep on reading this review to find out what to expect from this site. 

How can I Sign-Up for Celeb Jihad?

What comes to most people’s mind when talking about such a site is how much they need to spend in order to gain access to the content on the site. In case you are one of these people, you will be happy to note that you do not have to pay anything to enjoy what this site has to offer. 

In fact, the site does not contain any button or area that users need to click for them to create an account.

Everything on the site is free and anyone can enjoy some of the sensual images and videos on this site. 

CelebJihad Features

In most cases, the difference between one website and another usually depends on the features each of them has to offer.

Most great websites tend to have features that are meant to make your work easier in terms of navigating through the site and identifying the content that you want. 

CelebJihad’s Homepage

This site’s homepage is as simple as they come, and it is not cluttered with irrelevant details.

Towards the top of the page, you will find the site’s main menu that includes Home, Nude Celebs, Celeb Videos, A-Z Celeb List, and About. 

Can I Filter Content on CelebJihad?

CelebJihad doesn’t contain special tags or filters that are usually synonymous with most porn sites on the internet.

However, it contains a search button that you can take advantage of whenever you want to check out a certain celebrity caught in a compromising situation. 

Are There Any Famous Celebrities Featured on CelebJihad?

The homepage contains pictures of some of the most popular celebs with a caption below the photos.

Some of the celebs I can see on the homepage include Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Rin Asuka, Maddie Ziegler, Kate Mara, Selena Gomez among others.

Celeb Jihad Easy Site Navigation

Another thing I like about this site is how easy it is to scroll through the content.

In case you do not find any interesting content on the homepage, all you have to do is scroll down the page and click on “View More”. This will open another page with another set of celebrities.

You will discover that most of them seem to be showing off their titties, and others sucking dicks. 

Celeb Jihad -Plenty of Remastered Sex Scenes

In case there are particular xxx sex scenes that you happen to like from your favorite movies, you will be happy to note that CelebJihad contains enhanced and remastered versions of such scenes. 

The good thing about this site is that it ensures that some of the oldest scenes that were shot in poor quality are remastered, enhanced, and in some cases, the quality level of the scenes can be brought up to 4K. 

Therefore, if you would like to see some of your favorite celebrities getting nude, getting fucked, or just posing in sexy lingerie, then you will not be disappointed with what CelebJihad has to offer. 

Celeb Jihad – No need For an Account

CelebJihad is a straightforward website, and you should not expect lots of features in terms of sorting your results. Also, there are no categories that are usually associated with porn sites such as masturbation, couples sex, anal sex among others. 

Can I Leave a Comment on CelebJihad?

As a result, there is also no section where users are allowed to leave their comments in case they would like to comment on certain content featured on the site.

However, in case you would like to comment about anything on this site, it will be advisable to do it from Disqus, which is a third party website. 

Despite the many limitations on this site, it still has a lot of users from all over the world who love enjoying some of the sensual photos and images of their favorite celebrities being shared on it.

It also provides users with some of the latest news regarding upcoming sex scenes in movies. 

Some of the clips uploaded on the website are films. It is also important to note that some of these clips do not support rewinding, fast-forwarding, as well as making use of most of the features contained in the video player.

However, it is only a small portion of clips that have this issue. Most of the clips will allow you to take full advantage of the site’s video player. 

Celeb Jihad Pros

Exciting Text Articles

This site contains a section that is dedicated to text articles where users can enjoy reading some celebrity rumors. However, most of these articles tend to be controversial in nature in terms of having exaggerated statements that some users may find inappropriate.

This should not be a cause of concern because most of the statements are simply designed for entertainment purposes. 

Search for Your favorite Celebrities

The site also contains a search feature that you can take advantage of whenever you want to check out specific celebrities.

The right side of CelebJihad’s homepage also contains a list of some of the featured celebs that users can check out. 

Celeb Jihad, Ease of Navigation

In terms of navigation, this site has ensured that users can easily navigate through it when looking for specific content.

The homepage contains some of the latest additions to the site, and it is the perfect place to look when you want to sample fresh content. 

Celeb Jihad Cons


One thing to note about this site is that you are likely to bump into ads as you keep sampling some of the content in it. However, the ads are not overwhelming, and I believe most people can put up with them. 

Fake Celebrity Photos and Images

This site contains a lot of celebrities showing off their sexy bodies.

But, it is important to also keep in mind that not all the photos and images shown on the site are the real images of the celebrities themselves. Some of them tend to be look-alike actors from various porn movies.

Inappropriate Use of Humor

There is a section of people who do not like the idea of roleplayed extremist Muslim humor used in some articles on the site. 

Old Fashioned Design

Site Celeb Jihad  overall design looks old school, and it could do better with a new design that could go a long way in adding a modern look to it. 

Celeb Jihad  Conclusion

The most notable thing about this site is the sheer number of celebrities featured in it.

Even though there might be only a few real pictures of nude celebrities, most people will agree that most of the content featured on the site is erotic enough to make you wet your pants.

Another great thing that attracts most people to this site is the enhanced and remastered scenes of older adult videos. 


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