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Pornstar Network Review

Welcome to this Pornstar Network review!

The name of the site betrays it.  In summary, this is the perfect place to find the most beautiful and professional porn girls.  You can see these girls sucking dicks in front of the camera and do so many crazy things.

A high-quality premium site for erotic porn

Even before you get into the details, it is first important to know that this is a premium website. It simply means that you have to spare some cash if you want to access content on this site.

But the main question remains, does this site live up to your expectations? Well, we are going to find this out right here, together.

Getting started at Pornstar Network

To start, I am going to get myself a membership.  So if you need more information about what this site has to offer, continue reading with me.

I am going to give you the best reason why you should or shouldn’t sign up at this site.

My first impression of Pornstar Network

Once you sign up,  there is so much you can enjoy directly from the homepage. At the top part of the website, you can see the packages that you qualify for and extra bonuses that you can activate.

Below it, there is a full list of recent updates that were added to the site.

How many videos are available at Pornstar Network?

According to what the site claims,  there is a collection of more than 900,000 porn scenes. All these scenes are available in full length and they are also licensed.

This is enough content to take you through years of jerking off. So if you are into hardcore porn movies, there is no other place you would rather be right now.

What to expect at the homepage

Recommended videos

When you go further down the homepage,  there is a list of recommended videos. These videos are based on your favorite selections and viewing history.

It is a segment that you should consider looking at if you want to see all the content you love in one place.

Latest videos

The segment at the homepage is labeled the latest content. Here, you will get the names of recommended pornstars.

You will also get details on where these pornstars rank on the site, the number of videos they feature in among other things.

I was delighted to see my favorite porn artist Lexi Belle here. I am confident to say that she had been my favorite for a long time now.

The models

At the top part of the homepage, there is a pornstars link.  You can use this link to find a specific model that you love.  This can be a model who has been in the industry for the longest time or fresh talents that feature on the site.

There are several filter options that you can use to narrow down your options.

The ethnicity filter

What I loved most about this website is the ethnicity filter.  Whether you love Latina broads or Asian beauties, be sure to find them all at the Pornstar Network.

How many models are featured on Pornstar Network?

The site boasts of over 14,000 professional performers. So there are high chances that your favorite porn girl is here. It is easy to find the model you like with one click.

When you find a pornstar you love,  feel free to click on their profile and see how many videos they have featured in.

You can even sort the videos based on upload date, rating, number of comments, and view count.

What makes Pornstar Network unique?

Ever since the Pornstar Network was launched, it has always stuck to its mission. That is, to give access to the best porn videos that are rare to find in any of their competitors’ sites.

How is the experience like watching content at Pornstars Network?

First of all, Pornstar Network has an easy to use interface.  The videos load extremely fast.  This is one of the sites that show their users exactly what they want to see.

While writing this review, I streamed up to 10 scenes b at the same time. They all played perfectly well.  But to do this, you need to have a very strong internet connection considering that most of the scenes are in 1080p.

Below the scenes, there is a detailed description that you should consider reading before getting into the real action. You can also find additional details like the upload date, performers, associated tags, and even related scenes that you might want to watch.

With over 900,000  videos as the site claims, there are so many recommendations that you can get. It is easy to spend a whole day on this site without knowing it. Most of their suggestions are accurate which is also something that you will love.

Which categories are available on the Pornstar Network?

There are many ways to find the content you love at Pornstar Network. It is not always that you need to look for content depending on the featured model.  There are so many categories in here, probably more than you can imagine.

Some of the options include;

  • Handjobs
  • Anal
  • Gangabangs
  • BDSM
  • Teens and so much more

If you have a unique taste, it is easy to find your favorite content on the site. There are thousands of scenes that you can jerk off to here.

I also loved how accurate the tags were.  It seems that the site does the tagging manually. The team here does their best to ensure that you get the right type of content depending on your taste and preference.

Big up to the guys that manage the Pornstar Network. They seem to know exactly what they are doing.


This is all we had to share with you today.  We hope that this Pornstar Network review is detailed enough to help you make an informed decision.

As for me, I highly recommend the site to you guys. I always go the extra mile to ensure you get the best content as far as porn videos are concerned.

By signing up at Pornstar Network, you can get access to a large variety of videos to jerk off to. Most of your favorite pornstars are also featured. Ensure to come back soon for our next review and till next time, happy fapping!

What I liked

  • A wide range of categories
  • A great amount of content
  • Thousands of featured pornstars

What I disliked

  • A lot of vintage content
  • Some videos are not in HD


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