ShesFreaky: Free Black Amateur Porn Videos Review 2021

ShesFreaky: Watch Black Porn Videos For Free

If you are into watching porn videos featuring brown and black amateur girls from all parts of the world, you are in the right place. In this review, we are going to look at ShesFreaky, which is one of the best black porn sites on the internet.

You can get any kind of porn videos on this site featuring some of the most beautiful black babes out there.



One of a Kind Site

Today, the porn industry seems to focus largely on white porn. This is not to say that there are no porn videos featuring black women. However, they seem to be few in general.

Most of this is down to the fact that most porn producers tend to present black porn as some kind of a fetish.

Watch Exciting Homemade Videos

ShesFreaky is one of the few sites looking to put this to an end. It is also important to note that all the videos on this site are home-made.

Even though it markets itself as a site dedicated to black porn, you may also find some videos featuring white and Latina babes.

ShesFreaky Homepage

This site comes with a standard homepage design that features a deep black color. Everything on the site seems to be arranged nicely on the entire homepage. The homepage contains some of the best videos on the site.

The upper part consists of the featured videos. Below the featured videos, you will also be able to see a list of some of the most recent videos uploaded on the site.

The top part of ShesFreaky homepage contains the site’s main menu.

The menu consists of Home, Videos, galleries, Categories, Live Sex, Community, Meet&Fuck, Groups, and upload.

Watch Random Videos

On the right side of this menu, there is a button that plays a random video whenever you click on it.

This is one of the most exciting features on this site because it makes it easy for you to watch any random video on the site in case you do not have anything specific you wish to watch.

Conveniently Search for Content

There is also a search bar located at the very top of the page. This is not just your usual search bar. It features a pull-down tab that allows you to choose whether you want to search for videos only, images only, members, groups, or playlists.

Best Amateur Black Porn Videos

When it comes to compiling black amateur porn videos, ShesFreaky doesn’t fool around. The second you land on this site’s homepage, you will quickly realize why it is ranked as one of the best black porno tubes.

Even though most of the videos are short, they are as sexy as you would expect from a black-porn site.

Most of these short videos are self-shot, and they feature girls playing with their pussies using vibrators.

You will also come across some of them riding dildos of all sizes on camera.

The fact that the videos are homemade makes the experience more interesting. Therefore, if you are a homemade-porn lover, rest assured that you will instantly fall in love with ShesFreaky.

How is The Video Quality on ShesFreaky?

Most sites that allow users to upload their videos are usually characterized by poor-quality videos.

However, ShesFreaky tends to be different from most of these sites. Most of the content here is of the highest quality and you will be mistaken to think that some of the clips were produced in a studio.

ShesFreaky Community

Another great aspect of this site is the fact that it comes with a community that users can engage in various activities with each other. The community is highly active compared to most of the other user-content based sites.

You will find a lot of people engaging in discussions in the comment section of the site, safeguarding the community’s quality, and also sharing names of some of the unknown models featured on the site.

Is It Possible to Create a Playlist on my Favorite Videos on ShesFreaky?

Users are also allowed to create a playlist of some of their favorite videos they encounter on the site. It is also possible to share content, vote on videos, and interact with the other members.

Get Featured on The Site’s Leaderboard

Still on ShesFreaky’s community, there is also another impressive feature under the site’s community that shows the users’ leaderboard on the site’s homepage. This leaderboard contains the weekly top-five ranked users.

You can also toggle this list so that it shows you the top five ranked users of all time.

Video Quality on ShesFreaky

As a porn tube site that heavily relies on videos uploaded by amateur users, it is normal to expect some poor quality videos. However, the overall quality of videos on this site is good, and there are also some videos that you will be able to watch in HD.

Compared to other similar sites, ShesFreaky might not be the best but it is up there with some of the best.

Does ShesFreaky Contain Black Porn Images?

In case you do not feel like watching porn videos on this site due to one reason or another, you may also browse through the image gallery that contains pics uploaded by other users.

You may also decide to upload your own content for other users to check out.

What if I Run Out of Content on ShesFreaky?

If you ever find yourself running out of material to watch on this site, you can scroll down to the bottom part of the homepage. Here you will find a feature known as “Tube Friends”.

This feature will enable you to watch more content from other tubes to ensure that you do not run out of anything to watch.

What I Did Not Like About ShesFreaky

One of the things I did not like about this site is the fact that it contains a lot of ads. Nowadays, there are a lot of other ways that sites can use to make money other than bombarding users with ads at any given opportunity.

The right hand of this site contains ads that seem to occupy a lot of space that could be used to present more features. There are also a few ads at the bottom of the page.

Final Verdict

As the name suggests, this site is too freaky not to be bookmarked. For anyone who loves watching ebony babes getting fucked with black cocks, this site is one of the best you should consider.

It also comes with an active community that makes it more fun. ShesFreaky is packed with thousands of videos to ensure that you do not run out of content to enjoy.

ShesFreaky Pros

  • The site is user-friendly
  • Active community
  • Thousands of high-quality black amateur porn videos

ShesFreaky Cons

  • Lots of ads
  • Some of the clips are very short