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A hunt for ebony porn

You’ve probably noticed over the last few months that Dateblocker  has become more interested in reviewing websites that feature ebony porn. For a long time, my site didn’t have too many black goddesses: I’m a fan personally, but I didn’t think others were. Then read below for the full review of Tastyblacks!

After receiving a few emails talking to me about ebony action, I thought it’d be a good idea to hop on and search the Internet for some great dark-skinned entertainment.

One site I came across goes by the name of TastyBlacks and in this review, I’m going to go over why it might just be the go-to destination if you’re interested in seeing dark angels enjoying cock. Want to know more? 


tastyblacks homepage

Homepage antics at TastyBlacks

We don’t think that judging a book by its cover is always a smart idea, but I can tell you that I’m always going to consider the first impressions of a porn site as a guideline for what to expect down the track.

TastyBlacks.com has a relatively decent display and from the get go, you’ll be seeing a bunch of categories that you can pick from. While some are a little surprising (just what the hell is Latina doing here, guys?!), you’ll find plenty that I think you’ll consider relevant to your interests.

These include common ones such as teen and lesbian, but also some wild cards such as beach, ass to mouth and farting. Hey, who am I to judge your sexual interests? We’ve all got our own interests, so you do you and I won’t judge you. That said, fart porn? SERIOUSLY?! Okay, I’ll stop – I’m serious about not judging others for their sexual interests.

The categories explored a little closer

So after hitting a category (I went with blowjobs), you’ll be taken through to the archive page where they display the videos available on the site. I say ‘available’, but that’s something of a loose term. See – while TastyBlacks.com has over 191,000 blowjob videos in its directory, it actually has zero.

That sounds dumb, right? Well the thing is, Tasty Blacks actually sources all of its content from third-party tube websites, such as PornHub, TXXX, Bravo Tube and xHamster.

I’ve actually noticed this trend a lot recently and I can see it having its merits as well as its downsides. Ultimately, the choice of whether or not you want TastyBlacks.com to curate all tube content possible is entirely up to you. I think it’s a cool idea so yeah – that’s why it’s being featured on Dateblocker today.

What happens with the clicks

Do note that while some tube archives embed content, Tasty Blacks goes down the ‘click to navigate’ path. What this means is that when you see a thumbnail that tickles your fancy and you select it, the website that loads will be the original tube that whatever you’re looking for came from.

It’s not a new idea and it might confuse you at first, but just know that it’s all above board and won’t get you into any troubles with viruses or the like. It’s also quite cool that the videos open up in a new tab so that you can always go back to TastyBlacks.com by closing the video.

Small conveniences like this are what separate the good ebony porn sites from the great ones. If you’re only looking for good black entertainment then so far, what I’ve seen on Tasty Blacks is more than decent enough to justify going and taking a look.

The sorting options of TastyBlacks

If you want to sort the videos on TastyBlacks.com, you can actually do that using the links at the top of each category. Must indexes don’t actually offer this type of function, but you can sort the videos archived here based on popularity, upload date and video length.

It goes without saying that popularity is a common method of approaching this type of thing: you want to see the cream of the crop, right? I also like being able to see lengthy videos for the times in my life where I desire a lengthier stroke.

Dateblocker  is a man of simple pleasures: provide me with a 1-hour video of some sexy black chick enjoying a nice shaft and you better believe I’m bust at least one nut to the viewing experience. On the whole, my time at Tasty Blacks so far has been a good one.

Other things to consider

One nice touch is that below each and every archive page and thumbnail display, you’ve got a video title, clip length and perhaps most importantly of all, a list of tags associated with each scene that doesn’t require you to visit the actual website it’s hosted on.

This is pretty damn stellar if you ask me: you don’t always want to go to a different tube in order to see what’s going to happen in each upload. For instance, you might see a blowjob video and see a sexy pair of lips, but not know whether it’s a MILF or a teen who’s doing the sucking.

With relevant tags, you can learn a lot about a clip without actually having to watch it. Again – a small convenience that just makes the XXX videos here that much easier to watch and enjoy. I’m really enjoying my time on Tasty Blacks, that’s for sure.

The site wide features which are available

Tasty Blacks is a pretty simple destination: it offers you porn videos of ebony girls and not much else. One thing I do want to mention is that at the top of the page, you can see an assortment of links that take you to various archive pages.

The main ones are the latest uploads – which showcases the newest releases across all of the tube sites – and the most popular videos on the site. This is absolutely fantastic for people who only want to see the best of the best.

Trust me, after sampling these videos I can say with certainty that the community knows what goes into a good ebony porn video. The quality of these dark angels is just off the scale!

I must admit – look at websites like this just makes me wish I were single so I could go and smash as many tight black babes as possible. That’s the dream, right? At least for those of us who don’t have relationships to worry about.

The negative elements of TastyBlacks

Dateblocker doesn’t just want to sing praises without giving any criticism and there are a few things I can point to on Tasty Blacks that I could find people not enjoying. The most obvious is the setup of the website, which doesn’t host any material locally.

I should also mention though that neither does Dateblocker – even though we are one of the greatest places on the Internet to find adult entertainment! Tasty Blacks does serve a particular role and for that, I applaud them.

That’s not to say it’s without fault though – I really think I prefer the embed style of content that places such as Thumbzilla utilize. I get there are issues along that path, but yeah – just a small note that I think you ought to be aware of.

What else can I complain about? I suppose not having a great search feature for those who want advanced filtering is also a bit of a problem. I’d like to be able to select exact lengths for videos, as well as rating thresholds and potentially even a way to only look for new videos added within the last week, month or year. Adding onto that, I also noticed some of the videos from Tasty Blacks were not ebony in nature.

This required a bit of digging (I searched for the ‘Asian’ tag) and only a few came up in the results, but it still doesn’t make much sense for them to be here at all. I guess when you’ve got millions of archived sex videos, this is bound to happen.

Final thoughts on TastyBlacks com

I’ve had a good, long think about this tube site and honestly, if you’re the type of dude who enjoys good black chicks enjoying cock – this is a great place to find videos of exactly that.

What I quite liked about the general content vibe from Tasty Blacks was the fact that they had a lot of seemingly amateur uploads: that’s one stellar way to get me interested in your content archive! People who hunt for good ebony chicks seem to like the ‘creamy thot’ types:

I have to commend TastyBlacks.com on their ability to pluck out the hottest videos from this variety of ebony porn uploads.

When all is said and done, you can’t go wrong with a free tube archive website that devotes itself to ebony sex videos, which is exactly what this place is. Dateblocker approved? You bet