TubeGalore Review


You probably have already come across the name TubeGalore or like others calling it ‘galore tube’. Someone can tell you that one of the ways to succeed is by leveraging other people’s work. For instance, most people go to Amazon when looking for certain products and services.

However, Amazon never markets the products and services they offer. This is just a platform that sells goods and services produced by other companies.

TubeGalore works the same way. Other porn sites are straightforward: you log in and go straight to the stuff you want to watch on the website.

TubeGalore, however, connects people to these sites. The site does not host or make videos on their own. Rather, it links you to porn sites that offer these videos.

You may find something interesting on TubeGalore and decide to click on it. But you will realize that the site connects you to another site instead. TubeGalore is therefore a perfect place to browse and view adult content.

But anything good also comes with its share of drawbacks. For one, it is kind of annoying to visit all those websites when your sole intention is to jerk off almost instantly. This means that you will have a lot of open windows on your device.

TubeGalore does an amazing

The website itself may appear to be old fashioned. But it has managed to deliver its promise. The graphics are basic but clean. The overall layout may also appear basic to those who have used other adult cam sites. There are no fancy tricks that you are used to seeing on other sites.

For me, I appreciate this. There is no bullshit approach here. As soon as you log in to TubeGalore, you see a wide range of categories to choose from. If you wish, you can start by choosing any content in these categories for your jerk-off journey.

There is also a search bar to use if you want to find a specific pussy. The first category on my list was ‘mom’. That was quite interesting.

On the home page, you won’t find recommended or featured videos like on other sites. This means that you have to go directly to any category you wish.

If not, use the search bar to view the content you want. At the top part, there are different links which include categories, pornstars, popular videos, new videos, top-rated videos, and our network.

On the categories link, you can find the new and most popular videos. The site is part of a network. So on the network tab, you can get links to other porn sites as well.

As much as TubeGalore doesn’t own any of the videos, they have made an effort to inform you of the source of each of the videos. If you are a porn enthusiast, then you know how important this is.

After all, you wouldn’t want your laptop to be infected with viruses every time you want to cum. Luckily enough, most videos at TubeGalore originate from legitimate sites like Red Tube, Porn Tube among others.

The site also has a mobile version. It is easy to use and it works the same way as the desktop option. This means that you can basically watch videos from anywhere. But again, it is the source of these videos that will determine your overall experience.

A large selection of content

You can find anything you want to see at TubeGalore. I first explored all the categories at the site before watching my first video.

There are basic options like Asian, teens, big tits, and the rest. Then there are other more interesting categories. These are10+ inch cock, aged Arab, Indian hot mum, and  9 months pregnant among others.

Categories here are endless. It makes it easier to find the exact type of content you are looking for. This is one thing that really impressed me about TubeGalore.

I believe to have covered a lot about the content at TubeGalore. Let me conclude by saying that it is hard to find such a large amount of content on any other site.

TubeGalore works the same way as Thumbzilla. It has a program that scans porn sites to find new video updates. A friend of mine was joking that if TubeGalore was a real person, he would be jerking off 24/7. I support him.

Note that TubeGalore specifically offers porn videos. There are no pictures, no cams, no forums, or anything like that. This is a recorded porn site. If you have an interest in any other stuff apart from the videos, check on one of their affiliates.

What makes TubeGalore special?

First of all, I fell in love with TubeGalore from the word go. This is one competitive porn site that is hard to compare with any other option. The site does its best to ensure that its users remain entertained all day long.

As I said, TubeGalore doesn’t own any of the videos they show. They do not have their own hosting. Therefore, running this site isn’t that hard.

Bearing that in mind, you wouldn’t expect any annoying ads and popups from a site like this. After all, you still have the option of going directly to the original site and view the content there.

It seems like TubeGalore is already aware of this. That is why you won’t be interrupted by any ads when trying to jerk off. How amazing this is!

Imagine your experience on a porn site with no ads. The only ads I got to see were links to their affiliates, which wasn’t a big deal.

But when I mean no ads, I am specifically talking about TubeGalore. Remember that they source their content from other websites. So when viewing the videos, you might come across some ads from the source website.

I loved most of the categories offered by the site. First, it is fun to browse through these categories. There is also interesting stuff like 3D porn and VR porn. It is worth mentioning that the site also features young pussies.

These are chicks between the age of 18 and 25. This is not all. These young pussies are also organized by race. This is exactly what guys like me love to see. I don’t have a thing for mature women.

Finally, I should state that TubeGalore shows where their video links originate from. As I said, this is important if you don’t want any form of malware on your computer. Luckily, it seems that the site only looks for content from reputable porn sites.

What I disliked

One thing that might turn you off is that the site does not own any of the videos they show. It has tried to minimize the bullshit like annoying ads and popups.

But it can be a bit annoying to go to the actual website every time you want to view a video. It means that you should have to deal with a new layout, new colors, and whatever. This only adds an extra annoying step.

As much as the site itself doesn’t have ads, it doesn’t mean that you will avoid those annoying ads completely. It all depends on the site where the video originates.

Most video links on TubeGalore are from sites like Red Tube, Pornhub, xHamster among others. These sites don’t have a large number of ads.

But there are other sites like SpyCock that can annoy the shit out of you. This is not only in terms of the number of ads but also how the site performs in general.

Overally, TubeGalore does not have ads. No one would even visit this site if it had ads. No one whose intention is to cam can stand double ads. To me, it is like double taxation.

What the site should improve on

TubeGalore is in no doubt a website to behold. But they have more work to do in order to make the site more popular.

  • They should have a section for hosting their own videos.
  • I loved the site in general. And I wouldn’t mind if they also had a section for live sex cam. I would definitely be their frequent visitor. This section could also help in brand recognition.
  • If possible, they should find a way of featuring their own videos.
  •  TubeGalore can also offer other types of porn and even build a community. In this way, it can have a bright feature. After all, the more number of users the more the comments and the higher their ratings will be.
  • The site should also feature recommended videos. This will give you an idea of the type of videos that most people jerk off to.
  • Additionally,  TubeGalore needs to focus on its video previews. For now, all you can see is a small screenshot of the video. How do they even expect us to guess what is in the real video? Most cam sites have started showing preview videos. TubeGalore should also follow suit.
  • This is one site where a chick can look divine on the preview. But you wouldn’t expect the same on the actual video. I hate being blackmailed.

My conclusion on

TubeGalore is an amazing place to be for anyone who prefers jerking off to new shit. Most people misspell the word as ‘tubeglore’ or ‘tubesgalore’.

It doesn’t matter how you spell it. What matters is that the site offers content that you most likely haven’t seen anywhere else.

On the other hand, it is always irritating to move an extra step of going to another site. This is what annoyed me the most. I had to open a new page every time I needed to watch a new video. Even so, I can’t deny the fact that TubeGalore has made this process easy.

Tubegalore What I liked

  • No annoying ads
  •  Fast navigation
  • A large collection of categories

Tubegalore What I disliked

  • Video previews are only one screenshot
  •  It is always annoying to go to the original site for every video
  •  Does not have its own videos