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XNXX is currently one of the biggest porn sites on the internet. Despite the site having a funky old skul blue layout that will remind you of the ‘90s, you will be amazed at the number of porn videos contained in XNXX’s database. 

Very few sites are capable of matching the wide range of videos contained on this site. To demonstrate how big and popular this site is, you only need to take a look at the views it receives in a month.


Is XNXX Popular? 

With over 3 billion monthly views, you can rest assured that this site contains almost anything you want in a porn site. 

Even the hardcore wankers that seem difficult to please will agree that XNXX is the go-to site when it comes to variety. This site has close to eight million videos available for viewing, and the best part is that you can view these videos for free.

 Whether you are into Latinas, teens, or MILFs, I can guarantee you that there is a huge collection of these videos on XNXX that you won’t be able to exhaust even if you decided to watch several of them in a day. 

What Is So Good About XNXX?

For you to know some of the good stuff contained in this site, it is better to visit the site and see it for yourself. Sometimes, reading about it won’t give you the actual picture. However, we shall go through a few things that you should expect from XNXX. 

Are the videos in HD?

In case you are new to the site, I know you might be expecting some shitty videos or poor quality videos that have been rejected from other premium sites. Well, prepare to be disappointed because despite the videos on this site being free, there are many of them that are shot in HD and Full HD quality. Some of these videos are on par in terms of quality with the videos contained in the premium sites out there. 

One look at the homepage and you will notice that XNXX does not foo around when it comes to quality and selection. With so many videos available on the site, it is normal to expect some shitty ones in terms of quality, but overall most of the videos are of great quality.

Does XNXX include premium porn sites?

 Expect a lot of videos featuring some of the biggest names in the industry. There are videos from Brazzers, Bangbros, FakeTaxi, and Mofos. If you know these sites, then you will understand that to access their content, you have to be a premium member. 

So, another reason that you should consider adding XNXX to your list of favorite sites is that you can always rest assured that you will gain access to a lot of premium content from some of the popular studios for free. 

Like most other sites, you will find most of the good stuff towards the top of the homepage. The site also comes with social media features that will allow you to comment or like some of your favorite videos. 

By default, the site displays the most popular clips. From the look of it, you can tell that the users have great taste. 

How loan are the videos?

Another thing to note about the clips on this site is that most of the clips run for approximately ten minutes or less. However, it does not give users to organize their search by video length. This is one of the things you should expect from free porn tubes such as XNXX. 

The reason behind this is that the site will post these short clips with the hope that you will opt to visit the source of the video and upgrade your membership so that it may get a cut from your membership fee. Now you know how some of these free tubes make their money. 

Lots of Sexy Women on Display

If you refresh the homepage, you are likely to see another set of thumbnails showing some of the sexiest women you will ever see. Here, you will also be able to check out content from some of the most popular names in the industry such as Angelina Castro.

Once you identify one that really excites you, you may try to hover your mouse around it to get a glimpse of what is contained in there. 

I tried to hover around one of the thumbnails and saw one clip with a super hot chick playing with her clit. So, I decided to open it to check what the rest of the clip contained. It was a seven-minute clip that originated from another tube.

 However, the clip was played by the XNXX’s player, which is the case for all the videos on the site. Regarding quality, I also noticed that the type of quality you get will at times depend on the speed of your connection. If you are a member, you will have the chance to download the video and save it locally for future access. 

Less buffering

Another thing I liked about this site is that there is less buffering whenever you try to hop to different sections of the video.

XNXX has no spam

Also, being a free site, you might think that there is a lot of spam involved. However, to my surprise, I did not encounter any kind of spam. 

There is also the option to adjust the speed of the video by bringing it up to double speed or down to half speed. The loop feature will also help you watch a particular scene on repeat to ensure that you capture every moment. 


The lackluster tags on videos are something that most people are likely to pick up. Understandably, the site is free for all, but it would be better if they found a way of ensuring that every sex art on the video is properly indexed to make it easier for users. 

Tags are a very important aspect of such a website because they simplify the work of its users when it comes to searching for a video from the full catalog. 

For instance, a site that is well organized will ensure that each video contains a matching tag according to the kind of actions displayed in it. Anything that involves butt sex should contain an Anal tag, dick-sucking videos to contain a blowjob tag, and all girl-to-girl scenes to contain a lesbian tag. 

However, if you are one of those people who do not prefer watching specific kinds of niches, then this should not be a problem for you at all.

 Most of the videos displayed on the homepage will be enough to ensure that your fantasies are well-taken care of. 


Are there lots of different niches and categories?

In case you do not end up liking the tags, no need to be disappointed because XNXX contains a lot of categories that you can choose to select your content from.

The left side of the homepage is dedicated to displaying the various categories found on the site, and the list of categories runs the entire length of the page.

 From the most common categories such as MILF, ebony, gangbang, VR-porn and creampie to the kinkier categories like real family taboo and pissing, you can rest assured that each category has something for everyone. 

At the bottom of this list, you will also get a link that will take you to the full index that contains 2,000 genres which tend to cover everything you can think about in the world of porn. 

Additional Features To Look Out For

At the corner of the age, you will also see the “Best Of” link which will take you to a porn time machine. This feature will allow you to watch some of the top-rated videos for every month going back to April 2007. This goes on to show you how great this site is. If you are wondering how porn was acted in previous years, then this feature will help you out. 

There is also the Hits section that displays the site’s all-time popular clips. This section contains some incredible stuff, and I would urge you to stop by and see what it offers. Some clips here have more than 250 million views, which is not an easy feat. 

Also, in case you are on the lookout for longer video clips, the Hits section will provide you with plenty of these. Looking at the first page alone, I can see some that run up to 30 minutes. 

Does XNXX have a pictures section?

In case you happen to be into pictures, you will be happy to note that the site also comes with a picture section that contains a wide range of porn pics. However, you should note that most of the pictures in this section are amateur in nature and a lot of them have been uploaded by the users. 

Are there Sex Stories

Are you a dirty reader? If so, do not forget to check out the sex stories link that contains thousands of sex stories. Some of these stories are quite erotic and you may just wet yourself reading some of them. 

The site also has a forum where users can discuss some of the pornstars featured on the site. You will also find some weird threads of people trying to sell cocaine on the internet. I have a feeling that most of these are cops disguised as sellers. However, if you are only here for porn, you do not have to worry about this. 


The only thing I can complain about XNXX is the tagging system that doesn’t seem to make any sense. 

However, the site is excellent in terms of the wide range of content to choose from. Therefore, if you have been looking for a site where you can find free porn content including vieos, pictures, and erotic stories, there is no reason why you should not check out XNXX. 


  • New clips are constantly added to the site.
  • Lots of categories to choose your content from
  • Contains millions of free porn videos 


  • Poor tagging system
  • Most of the clips are short

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