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Xtube Review: Everything You Need to Know

If you spend hours watching porn online, there are high chances that you have come across the site, Xtube.

This is a common name in the porn industry.

It has been among the largest and most popular porn websites for a long time.  As a matter of fact, Xtube is alleged to be the first porn website to be launched.  The site was originally released in 2006.


How many users does Xtube have?

Currently, Xtube has over 9 million users. Most of these users are active at any given time.

This is an extremely large number for a porn site to have. In fact, the site attracts more visitors compared to many other top performing websites in other industries.

Based on April 2018  Alexa website traffic reports. Xtube was ranked 705 in the country.

One of the sites in the PornHub network

Xtube belongs to the Pornhub network.  This is together with other top performing sites like Youporn, Redtube, Tube8 among others. In the past decade, these sites have been attracting more and more users.

 Mindgeek. A company that owns the sites tried to buy Xvideos back in 2012.

The price was set at a whooping 120 million. Xvideos however turned down the deal.

Get paid to watch porn

There is one thing that makes Xtube stand out from other sites. Apart from enjoying the porn videos, you can also make money.  This starts by registering as an Xtube model.  Then feel free to upload  your amatur content.

 You can do whatever you want while staying anonymous if you want.

Besides, models at the site can set a price  on their own. Xtube pays the models twice a week. According to the site,  a model can earn as much as  $5000 per pay period.

But in order to make such an amount of money, there are several factors that play a part.

This includes the quality of the  videos and  the number of views they get. So taking a phone video is a tiny ass jerking off a tiny dick is going to get you paid, then I am sorry for you.

Tips to earning more cash at xtube

To ensure that you earn good money at this site, you should first of all find a good camera.  Then look for a sexy chick with a nice body who is willing to fuck around with you.

This is one of the features that I really enjoyed about Xtube. If you love reading my reviews, then you know that I like more interactive features on a porn website.

Assume that you don’t even qualify to become an amateur pornstar at the site (it is true that a lot of people don’t).

Well, this is still ok. After all, Xtube offers plenty of content that you can enjoy as a passive observer.

 This starts from the homepage where there are a lot of videos to explore. You  are free to watch a large variety of videos from gay to straight porn categories.

What to expect at the homepage

At the top of the page, there are options to choose your preferences. First of all, you select your gender (whether male of female). Next, you need to select your preferred gender (this can either be male or female as well).

By doing this, you will be ruling out all the gay videos( if you are straight) and vice versa.

An interactive porn site

Xtube works the same way as many other porn websites that you have visited before.  After the menu bar, there is a collection of 6 videos that are currently  being watched.

 Next, there is a gallery of porn videos placed in order of the upload date. They start from the latest to the oldest videos.

Lastly, there is a page index.

 If you want your search results to appear at a specific order, it is also possible to do so.  There are so many options that you can choose which include;

  • Top favorites

  • Most discussed

  • Best rated

  •  Length

  • Premium

There is also a drop down menu that allows you to filter the videos based on different categories.

At the homepage, there is a menu bar  with  these options;

  • Videos

  • Amateurs

  • Categories

  • Live cams

  • Photos

  • Community

There is also a merch store where users can purchase DVDs.

The community feature

Now let’s continue  with the features that make Xtube unique. One of them is their community feature. First of all, the site has a word map where you can search  for members from any country or state.

 The feeds section has the same structure as what you see in your social media accounts.  You can also read members blogs or go through the site’s official blog.

At the members section, you have options like add friends and send messages.

When you click on a member’s timeline, you will see more information about them on their timeline.

This includes their about me, comments, photo gallery, friends list, donate or send gifts, block the user.

If any of the members has a video for sale, it will also be placed on their profile.

Xtube Website layout and design

When it comes to the website layout, Xtube is no different to other big names that you are used to. The site features a media player. This helps you see previews of what to expect in a video. On each of the videos, there is a list of tags.

Below the media player, you will find a list of other videos.

Then there is the comments section at the bottom part of the page.  All these features make Xtube stand out from many other premium porn sites.

Are there areas where the site should improve?

Even with all these benefits, there are still things that most users are not happy about.

One of them is the ads. You can  see ads at the right part of each page. Once you pause a video, you can also see ads on most parts of your screen.

Xtube is one of the sites that generates revenue in so many ways.

I therefore don’t see any reason why the site should have all these ads. What I don’t like about the ads is that they tend to interfere with user experience.

The good news is that there is an option to get rid of these ads.

That is through getting a paid membership.  One year membership costs $9.99.   The membership however does not come with many benefits.

Even if you are a paid member,  there are still some amateur videos that you will need to purchase.

No amateur content for free

There is also another annoying aspect of Xtube. This is in regards to the premium membership.

First of all, you have to be a registered member before  you are allowed to view amateur videos.

This is quite different from other sites where amateur’s content is offered for free.

The price of the video is set by the uploader. Xtube has done a good thing giving an opportunity for people to earn by uploading amateur content. But according to me, they could at least have the option of streaming a section of the video ( if not the whole video) before deciding whether to buy or not.

 So if you love amateur content like I do, Xtube is not the site for you. Not unless you are willing to pay for the type of amateur content you want to see.

To conclude, Xtube can be an interesting site if;

  • You are looking for a porn sites that allows users to interact with other members

  • Would like to earn money by selling  homemade porn on an  tube site and support other models

  • Are looking for a tube site with tons of videos from different categories

The site however is not recommended for;

  • Those who love free amateur content

  • Those looking for a site for a quick fap and go

Most people tend to misspell the word Xtube with other words like Xtubes, xporn, x-tube or xtubr.

It is easy to start earning at the site. First, I convince a girl I like to shoot a porn video with me.

If she agrees, we do what all of us love, upload it and wait for porn lovers to enjoy  the video like we enjoyed the activity. So long as the video was good, expect some cash to start pouring in.

And while waiting for the cash, go directly to xvideos.com and see what the site has to offer. You can also compare the features offered with what is available at Xtube.

Xtube What I liked

  • Active and engaged community

  • Social media functions

  • Website layout and design

  • Money making potential

Xtube What I disliked

  • The ads

  • Amateur content isn’t free