Youjizz Review 2021. Is It One Of The Best Porn Sites?

Youjizz Review: A Hardcore Porn and Sex Movies Tube Site

I jizz, you jizz, we all jizz. One fact of life is that men love to jizz every time they get the chance to do so. That said, I am glad to introduce you guys to another interesting porn site. This is where you can find crazy porn content to jerk off to. The site is  Free porn videos, XXX videos, free sex videos, porn tubes this site has the lot.

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Which type porn videos does Youjizz offer?

With such a name, there is one thing that you can be sure of. That there is no bullshit at Youjizz.  This is the site where you can only find straight and hardcore pornography videos and other related content. Believe me, everything you find there is going to get you jerking off within minutes!

A few years back, Youjizz didn’t have a large selection of materials. But I am happy to tell you that things are completely different now. Youjizz is currently one of the sites where you can enjoy a large selection of lengthy porn videos from multiple categories.

Is there amateur content as Youjizz?

Unlike most other porn sites, Youjizz focuses more on professional adult entertainment. Yes, you can also come across some amateur videos at the site, but they are of high quality. And that is exactly what Youjizz is all about; quality and professionalism. The website gives you a chance to access high-quality pornographic videos for free.

Watch porn on the go

At the site’s homepage, you are welcomed with the most popular videos which were recently added to the site. If you need to watch a specific porn video, just go to the tags section and get all the niches. You can find a wide range of videos starring Asians, teens, and transexuals. You can also enjoy a few clips from our African babes.

It does matter what your sexual fantasies are, Youjizz offers it all.  With their unlimited options on video content, you are definitely going to get a jerking experience that you have never had before.

Does the site feature pornstars?

One interesting thing about Youjizz is that they also feature pornstars in some of their videos. Talk of names like Jackie Daniels, Abbey Rain, Payton Simmons, and so many others. Do you love actions from a specific pornstar? It is simple, just visit their pages and see all the videos she has featured in.

How many videos are available at Youjizz?

I enjoyed the website enough to try to figure out how many videos the site offers. I am good at counting, and by that time, there were exactly 132,360 archived pages at Youjizz. These achieve pages had 25 videos each. So doing simple calculations, the website had 3, 176,640 videos by the time I was writing this review.

This is an overwhelming number of porn videos if you ask me. I don’t think anyone can watch even a third of all the videos offered here. Another thing I noticed is that these videos were spread across different categories.

Are there unique video categories?

The site does not only offer common categories like teen, amateur, and the rest. There are also other interesting categories like Sauna sex, Japanese porn, and interracial gangbangs.

 I know that you also love to see some wild content on a premium porn site. What you would want to hear is that Youjizz offers that as well. There is no video that is too wild or too crazy to feature at Youjizz.

Share your dirty content

If you are in the porn business and want to share some of your content, Youjizz is the site to be. The website will help you get exposure to the porn industry.

It is easy to do this by first creating an account. Then you fill in a few basic details and you will be ready to expose some of your dirty work to the world.

This is a simple way of getting some of your adult materials online. Besides, it is entirely free! So if YouTube does not allow sex and nudity, Youjizz offers a perfect alternative. After all, posting content on a popular site like this is what every porn lover would want to hear.

 Every time I visited the website, I felt like I was in a whole new place. This is all thanks to the wide range of content offered at Youjizz. Even the word epic can’t fully describe what goes on at the site.

Download your favorite porn videos

On every video offered at Youjizz, you can find the download button. Click on this button and follow the link, which will direct you to an MP4 file. This allows you to save the file on your gadget and watch it later.

Is it free to download content?

Downloading content at the site is also free. However, I noticed that the process took a lot of time. This was the only disappointing thing so far. You can literally wait for a whole day to have your file downloaded. This is something that the site needs to work on.

But even with this shortfall, Youjizz is still on my list of the best tube sites.


I have exhausted everything you need to know about Youjizz. This is an amazing tube with plenty of content to view at any given time. The site even hosts some of the most popular pornstars that we currently have.

On the flip side, downloading a video on the website can take ages. Youjizz should also work on their website design for it to be more functional.

Now that you already got all the information you need, why not visit Youjizz today? There are over 3 million videos waiting for you. And you can watch all of them for free. I can guarantee you an experience that you have never had in any other tube site.

What I liked

  • There is plenty of content

  • Pornstars are also featured

  • The site has great user ratings

What I disliked

  • Slow download speed

  • Plenty of ads

  • Annoying popups